Fair And Dedicated Representation

A Tough Divorce Or Custody Case Requires A Tough Attorney

Family law disputes can be extremely contentious, especially when your finances and children are at stake. You may be angry, but you need someone to express that anger for you. It is not uncommon for people in these situations to be frustrated too, but you need a lawyer who will show your frustration to the Court in order to protect your rights while still showing your feelings.

At The Ellis Law Firm in Jasper, Greg Ellis provides experienced, aggressive representation to people facing divorce and custody disputes in Alabama. He knows the importance of family and understands why these cases are difficult. That is why he dedicates himself fully to protecting his clients, no matter how complex the case may be. He is prepared for a fight and will ensure that you are ready for it, too.

Handling Complex Family Law Cases

Cases can become complicated for many reasons, including anger over infidelity or spousal abuse, fear for the children’s welfare, significant and sophisticated assets at stake, and asset hiding or wasting. In addition, sometimes the other party refuses or is unable to negotiate because they have mental health or addiction issues. This will mean a trial is necessary. Greg is an accomplished trial attorney whose office has almost 75 years of experience. He will bring all of those years of experience to bear in order to protect you and your children.

Learn how he can help you in divorce and child custody cases:

Divorce: Emotions are understandably high in a divorce, but it is best to not let them distract you from the end goal. Mr. Ellis will vigorously protect your interests in property division, debt division and allocation of spousal support. He also keeps clients focused on the facts and not on emotion. He will be your fierce advocate in negotiations, mediation and at trial.

Custody: There’s no way to sugarcoat it; child custody cases can be brutal. The possibility of losing time with your children is unthinkable. You need a lawyer who will be strong and will keep your case moving forward. If it is going to be a battle with the other parent, you can rely on Mr. Ellis to fight as long and hard as it takes to resolve the matter.

This Is The Time For Action

Waiting will only prolong the inevitable. It is better to get started on making a new life for yourself. Speak with Mr. Ellis about your family law case by calling 659-210-4727 or completing a short online form.