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An Aggressive Defense Is Key To Protecting Your Rights And Freedom

Do not make the mistake of thinking that your criminal charges are not that important. Even a first offense or misdemeanor crime can negatively affect your future. If you have prior convictions, the consequences may be severe and result in lengthy prison time.

At The Ellis Law Firm, Greg Ellis understands that your rights are at stake. Serving as a prosecutor and being a former judge, he has the unique understanding of how a criminal case is made. With this knowledge, on top of hundreds of successful serious criminal cases, he will work to navigate you through this difficult time. You can be certain that he knows both sides of Alabama criminal law and uses that to his advantage. He is ready to fight as hard as necessary for you and will take cases to trial when that is the best option.

Put A Fighter On Your Side

Mr. Ellis’ experience ranges from minor offenses such as disorderly conduct and public intoxication to serious felonies including homicide and rape. He also practices extensively in the following areas:

Property crimes: A property crime in Alabama can include shoplifting and other types of theft as well as burglary and vandalism. These offenses are serious matters and may come with steep fines and jail or prison sentences. If you are facing charges, you must understand that these kinds of crimes are often seen as red flags by potential employers and landlords. Your future possibilities can be limited if you have property crimes on your record. You need a strong defense to minimize any consequences.

DUI: Many people mistakenly believe that DUI is nothing more than a traffic offense, but this is not true. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a crime with real penalties, including driver’s license suspension, fines and fees, substance abuse counseling, and, depending on the specifics of the case, a jail or prison sentence. In addition, a conviction for DUI will remain on your record permanently. This will give you a criminal record that may prevent you from getting certain jobs and other opportunities. Protect your record and your driving privileges by speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible. Greg is always available at 1-888-(DUI)-(GREG).

Drug crimes: Whether a misdemeanor or a felony, a conviction for a drug crime can change your life. You need an aggressive defense to battle the charges. Mr. Ellis can represent you in cases that involve possession, possession with intent to sell, distribution and trafficking of illegal and prescription drugs. Jail or prison time is a real possibility in drug cases, and fees are often thousands of dollars. You must have a tough attorney protecting your rights. When applicable, Greg Ellis will seek pretrial diversion programs as an alternative to jail and conviction.

Don’t Let The State Take Away Your Future

You cannot fight the state on your own. Greg Ellis knows that your future and your family’s future will be greatly impacted by the result of your case. He is ready to go to battle for you. Call the firm in Jasper at 659-210-4727 or send an email to schedule your consultation.