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A Fair Fight

The Ellis Law Firm represents clients with nearly 75 years of experience and proven results in multiple areas of the law. In his tenure,  Greg Ellis has successfully handled and won all types of cases. We have secured custody for parents in the face of financial odds, secured jury verdicts of Not-Guilty in murder cases and all other lesser charges, made fathers and mothers pay child support and kept employers from wrongfully terminating our clients. This wide scope of legal issues has allowed Mr. Ellis to see problems from multiple angles and approach them with a well-researched and calculated plan for resolution.

And Honest Representation

Someone with their freedoms, finances or family at risk needs representation that understands the whole issue and has the knowledge to take action as soon as possible. Mr. Ellis’ method for his cases involve results-driven plans that keep his clients informed and engaged at every step.


“The Perfect Advocate For Clients”

“Mr. Ellis, I want to thank you for the contribution to my campaign for re-election. It has been an absolute pleasure to have you represent clients in my courtroom. You are the perfect advocate for your clients, and I appreciate your professionalism and personable attitude. I’m very thankful for your support and kindness. As we get closer to November, please notify everyone you know to vote for me, as I’m truly committed to Drug Court and the Great works we’ve started.”

– S.O.